Single Review: “I Drive Alone” by Marco Raes

Music is often soulful and tells a tale, but not always do we find music that is truly touching. “I Drive Alone” by Marco Raes is a piece that is not only emotional; it elevates the experience to a whole new level. The track tells a story that is very personal and yet keeps the listener mesmerized with its hypnotic construction and theme.


There is a slow buildup of music throughout the track, but Raes masterfully creates a tempo that rises with a pace. There is never a dull moment, not even with the soft notes.

The song “I Drive Alone” begins with a melodious tune that is lively and has a softer energy to it. Marco Rae’s vocals and the beautiful lyrics give so much more depth and meaning to the track. The vocals are powerful and uplifting, and they echo the theme of loneliness. The solitude that Rae’s vocals tell about is enriched by the music that drops at certain instances before rising again.


“I Drive Alone” cannot be categorized under one specific genre of music because it is so creative that it effortlessly brings together the different styles of pop, electronic, and rock into one beautiful piece of music. The vocals too go through different speeds that are consistent with the tunes, and this creates a rhythm that is memorable and enjoyable.

“I Drive Alone” Music Video

In the very first notes, a hushed slow strain is introduced that allows the vocals to come forward. There is a steady rise as the notes gather energy before the style takes a turn with a rush of crescendos. With all the powerful bursts of rhythms and notes, there is still a decadence, a definite lush indulgence in place, which forms an undertone for the theme of tragedy and tranquility.

The instrumentals, especially with Marco introducing synthesisers in the later part of the song, bring in an element of surprise, a little catchy tune that binds the preceding softer strains.

“I Drive Alone” is an extremely original and passionate piece of music. The video for this song is even more striking due to its certain cinematic approach. Marco Raes has carefully incorporated color splashes and different frames of desolate winter countryside, forming an emotional vortex of music that is theatrical, powerful, and calming!

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