Album Review: “Kachii: Traditions to Traditions” by Yaya Diallo

Yaya Diallo, a musician from Mali, Africa, is also an internationally acclaimed author known for his book The Healing Drum. His international touring works include Yaya Diallo, African Troubadours and Storytellers of Canada. Diallo also works toward protecting African cultures through his organization Farafina Donia (meaning African Knowledge). Continuing with his efforts of introducing African traditional music to the international audience, here he comes with his latest release!

Yaya Diallo Kachii Traditions to Traditions

“Kachii: Traditions to Traditions” is not your regular record. It’s a unique album with 11 traditional tracks of healing music that is hypnotic and deeply relaxing. Creating this many varieties in a single theme, each different from the other, and yet keeping the listeners hooked is a feat by itself. Thanks to his vast experience in this field, Diallo effortless achieves this feat by using a number of traditional African and Western instruments, such as balafon, djembe, talking drum, violin, cello, flute and double-bass.

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While Yaya Diallo plays balafon, djembe and talking drum, assisting him with this project are some other talented artists, including Jeanne-Sophie Baron at violin, Fili Gibbons at cello, Freddy Speer at double-bass and David Gossage at flute. Though most past of the record is instrumental, it also treats you with traditional chants and wild calls typical of the African folk culture. Malia Pellerin and Sara Rénélik are the artists behind these interesting vocals.

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“Kachii: Traditions to Traditions” Tracklist

The record has the following 11 tracks:

  1. Kachi Zie
  2. Tien
  3. Bon Yi
  4. Mato
  5. Hakili
  6. Fantakolo part 1
  7. Fantakolo part 2
  8. Gifono
  9. Koredjuga
  10. Teriya
  11. Hoo

Right from the opener “Kachie Zie” to the closer “Hoo”, each track is calm and soothing. The music is simplistic, minimalistic and spiritual in style. Although each track is different from the other, you won’t find much variation within a track. They follow a meditational music-like pattern in that the same or similar music keeps repeating throughout the track. However, unlike plain meditational music, these tracks present some interesting signature sounds that leave the listeners wanting more.

Diallo has made a bold attempt at bringing back the age-old traditional music from the Minianka culture of south-eastern Mali with a new touch. It’s a noble way of gifting the world something new and vital while honoring the past. Diallo wants the modern world to listen, feel and enjoy the enchanting music that was hitherto limited to Minianka villages and was on the verge of extinction. Diallo intends to pass on the music to the newer generations and hopes that his grandchildren’s generation will be able to play it.

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