Album Review: ‘Leap of Faith’ by Arnab Sengupta

After successful release of his first album ‘Refrain’ in 2015 and ‘Inadvertently’ in 2016, singer-songwriter Arnab Sengupta is back with his third album ‘Leap of Faith’. The creative ideas for the compositions of this multi-genre album had been in the making for over 5 years, which included his migration to Australia and his experiences of practicing Vipassana meditation and learning Jazz piano. The album thus marks his leap of faith in real life in many different ways.

Arnab Sengupta - Leap of Faith

‘Leap of Faith’ is more versatile than the previous two albums of Sengupta. You can see a certain stylistic variety that shines through. The lyrics however are still about his pursuit of the ultimate truth of life.

‘Leap of Faith’ Tracklist

There are 8 tracks in this album:

  1. Face in the Crowd
  2. This Way
  3. Alone but not Lonely
  4. Drudgery Train
  5. Leap of Faith
  6. Perfect Line
  7. Impermanence
  8. Set in Stone

The album opens with the soul-jazz number “Face in the Crowd”, where Anusha Jha and Sengupta sing about finding oneself in the crowd and trying to stand out from it. The uptempo track features Matias Menarguez on the drums, who goes all out to keep the energy-levels high throughout the song.

Following next is “This Way” with brilliant lyrics and dazzling guitar. Sengupta emphasizes on treating everyone equally irrespective of their differences. The song has a funky jazz flavor with hints of blues.

“This Way” lyric video:

The third track “Alone but not Lonely” features peaceful vocals accompanied by soulful guitar. The song is about the importance of being guided by our soul to find our way home in this journey of life.

“Alone but Not Lonely” lyric video:

“Drudgery Train” makes the fourth entry in the album. It brings out Sengupta’s love for musical theatrical. The title track “Leap of Faith” sets the listener in an optimistic mood with high tenor and radiant harmonies. It encourages you to take a leap of faith. This is the only way to find out what lies ahead, suggests the song.

The next song “Perfect Line” opens with a soothing music. The vocals are energetic and clear. The amazing brass solo adds to the depth of the song. “Impermanence”, the penultimate track, features delicate piano. Sengupta follows a musical theatrical style for this piece too.

“Set in Stone” closes the album on a positive note. The song inspires the listeners to work hard and make their dreams come true. Fates are not set in stone and difficult times do not last forever, points out this musical masterpiece. Scrumptious vocals, tight guitar strumming and just perfect drum and bass beats, make this track music to the ears.

‘Leap of Faith’ is a unique fusion of jazz, blues, musical theatre and several other genres. You can see Arnab Sengupta’s musical prowess and love emanating from each piece of the album.

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Arnab Sengupta

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