Lessons From Life and Love by Kimia Penton: A Review

Kimia Penton

Music is an art form that unites all of us, across languages, through cultures, and even through different stages in life. It is a common appreciation we all have, even if it’s just playing in the background during a meal, or the soundtrack to your workout. The best kind is that which speaks to the different segments of life that we all find ourselves stuck in from time to time.

Therefore, no matter what you are going through right now, Kimia Penton’s new CD, Lessons from Life and Love (released October 16th 2015) is the perfect soundtrack for that next moment when you need to listen and connect with someone who understands where you are. This CD was put together by Kimia Penton and Francis Moka at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas. Carefully crafted to ensure a unique sound, you can’t help but love every individual piece for its rich lyrics and sound.

This diverse collection of toe tapping, energetic pieces is perfect for anyone dealing with a love or life crisis. The lyrics are personal, so we feel as though we are hearing her story, but also relatable enough for us to connect to our own problems. Each of the pieces reflects a different chapter and corresponding emotion, perfectly replicating where we all get from time to time. With all of the popular singers out there spewing stories of drunken encounters, it’s refreshing and relaxing to find some honest and deeper meaning in Penton’s songs.

Lessons from Life and LoveHaving been born in the Middle East, raised in London and now residing in Dallas, her diverse cultural background is clear in the pieces that she makes. They feature a Western meets Jazz meets Pop sound, perfect for humming along or simply letting wash over you in the later hours where you just need to disappear into a relatable song for a while. From the angry, deep lyrics of “Pieces”, showing the afterthoughts of someone who has been hurt by someone they cared for, to the sweet and tender pleading for forgiveness in “Start Again”, each of her songs shares a difficult time in her life. We are able to sympathize with her, identifying our own problems in her stories.

Like many writers out there, Penton started writing during her teenaged years as she struggled to find a way to communicate with those around her. She followed her heart into psychology as a career and studied human behaviour and how her lyrics would change it, even if it was just for a few minutes. This led to her releasing some of her own music that talked about the hardest most personal topics: life and love.

Not just the good stuff, either. Her songs speak of unrequited love, loss of loved ones, and other hard hitting moments. She is now focusing her energies in promoting music and its education amongst the youth of today and devotes her time to teaching songwriting classes to children around the world, so everyone understands that they have a voice and can tell their stories to the world through music.

Lessons from Life and Love features Penton on vocals and violin. She writes her own melodies and lyrics, each piece unique and heartwarming. Her live shows feature Wes Stephenson on bass, Leslie Williams Blum on piano, Kelyn Crapp on guitar, and Francis Moka on percussion. The CD is well rounded and ready to make itself into a soundtrack for those lonely and happy moments in your life, no matter what you are dealing with. For a personal and heartwarming listening experience, Kimia Penton’s soothing, sweet voice, her relatable lyrics, and the eclectic music will be there for you in your darkest moments.


  1. My Kind of Love
  2. The Door
  3. Pieces
  4. Crossroads
  5. Start Again
  6. Memories of you