CD Review: Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics Will Make You Sway to Its Tune This Summer

Get ready for a powerful blend of EDM and Salsa this summer. Mac Gollehon, the fearless artist known for the depth of his music, is back with his trumpet. Come ‘May’ and you’ll find yourself swaying in to the sultry tracks of his new, energetic CD Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics that is all poised to put your ear in high gear. Set to release on May 20th 2016, this impressive album recorded by True Groove Records is really going to get your toes tapping and your hips swaying in time with each song.

Mac Gollehon and The Hispanic Mechanics Similar to the style of Vikter Duplaix and Miles Davis, this is a Latin EDM style CD that has 10 fantastic tracks featuring great messages and a steady Latin American beat that you just can’t help but love. Whether you are new to the world of electronic music or are already into it, this is a great way to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with it.

From track to tack of this vibrant and enthusiastic CD, you can tap your toes, and groove along, whether you’re out for a run, cooking dinner, or out at a club. Each track suits various venues perfectly and makes a great backdrop tracks for anything you’re working on. This is the beauty of Latin American music – it’s ready for whatever you throw at it.

With blasts of trumpet, a steady beat, electronic synthesizers and originality from one track transition to another, you’ll have a whole CD full of unique tunes that are really going to inspire you to wait anxiously for the next CD release. There’s flair, elegance, multilingual tracks, instrumental tracks… everything your music loving heart desires. With touches of David Ben Jack and Touchy Feely added to the musical pot as remixes, there’s a lot to be said about this eclectic and invigorating CD.

Mac Gollehon

The hit single of the soon-to-be-released CD, No More Drama, is a great example of how the collaboration works so well. With a steady dance beat and themes coming from the very roots of this style of music, you’ve got the perfect combination of electronic, mechanical beat with the flourish and fanfare of Latin American music themes. When it comes to a great combination CD like this, can you really go wrong with it?

So, regardless of why you were interested in the CD in the first place, the release date of Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics, May 20th 2016, is something you may want to mark down on your calendar so that you can make sure you get first access to some of the best toe-tapping rhythms this year has seen. There’s nothing like some fresh and enthusiastic vibes to get you in the mood for the hot weather that the summer brings, right? Make sure you keep an eye on the calendar, and head out to store to bring this music selection home so that you can harness the power of professional musicians jamming in their element for yourself. You’ll love what it can do for you!


  1. No More Drama 4:53
  2. Amor Tragico 5:03
  3. Exito Obscuridad 6:52
  4. Dale Jamon 5:10
  5. Il Aceite 5:36
  6. Elegancia 4:56
  7. Obscuridad (David Ben Jack remix 3:41 )
  8. Amor Tragico (David Ben Jack remix) 6:22
  9. No More Drama (Touchy Feemix) 5:23
  10. If Time Allows (Mark Henry Remix for Hanks Hothouse) 5:27

Artists and Instruments:

  • Vocals: Mac Gollehon, Tomás Doncker on Elegancia, TinaTorres, Miguel Valdez, Josh David
  • Trumpet & Trombone: Mac Gollehon
  • Percussion: Miguel Valdez, Baba Don, Ronnie Roc
  • Bass: Mike Griot
  • Guitars: Tomás Doncker
  • DJ: Afrikan Sciences (Eric Porter)
  • Recorded and mixed at Orange Music Sound Studio by James Dellacatoma
  • Mastered at Turtle Tone Studios by Michael Fossenkemper
  • Production: Tomás Doncker, James Dellatacoma and Mac Gollehon

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