Marketing Music Online?

music-marketing-onlineYou know, as a musician, I get extremely frustrated that my two CDs don’t sell worth a hoot.  Seriously, I have sold maybe a couple hundred tracks, and two complete CDs (one of each to some person in Europe), but that’s it!  It’s decent material, and I think there is a market for that style, but I just can’t get any bites!?

Do you know why? That’s because I’m not using a firm or any online marketing professionals.  Basically, I have no control over who gets to even see that my discs exist, let alone making sure it’s the right people (i.e., people who are eventually going to buy them).  Well, that’s exactly why you need a team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of this stuff.

Also, keep in mind that the ROI on this type of marketing is extremely, extremely trackable, so it’s not like you’ have a prolonged exposure to a potentially poor return.  This really is the best way to generate traffic.  Hire someone who knows what they are doing, and have them help you get the hits you need.