Album Review: “On the Boulevard” Original Cast Concept Album by Ken Howard

West Hollywood, California-based lyricist-musician-producer Ken Howard just released an LGBT-themed modern musical entitled “On the Boulevard” Original Cast Concept Album. Available on all the major streaming platforms, this sprawling album is a collection of 29 poignant, transformative tracks. Coming from Ken Howard, who is the great-grandson of music director J. William Howard II and great-nephew of actress Esther Howard, this worthy tribute to classic musicals proves that he has it in his blood.

On the Boulevard Original Cast Concept Album

Originally entitled, “PygMALEon,” “On the Boulevard” is an adaptation of “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw. This soundtrack album is inspired by broadway show tunes like “Pippin”, “Godspell”, “Wicked”, “Falsettos”, “La Cage Aux Folles”, “The Magic Show” and “Mack and Mabel.” In the words of Howard, this yet-another retelling of the transformative Cinderella story mixes the classic themes and styles of Broadway musicals of the past with the very current cultural context of today.

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This grand album has been a labor of love since its inception in about 2015. The production of this massive undertaking involved a substantial amount of efforts from several collaborators and performers. Concept, music, and lyrics are by Ken Howard, whereas the Libretto is by Ken Howard and Malcolm Heenman. Produced by Ken Howard under independent label, the album was recorded at Temple Base Studios in Hollywood, and Mix Recording Studios in Mid-Wilshire, LA. Stuart Wood and Michael Van Bodegom-Smith have jointly directed the musical recordings. The album awaits production of its first commercial theatrical staging.

“On the Boulevard” Tracklist

Ken Howard’s “On the Boulevard” has the following 29 tracks:

  1. On The Boulevard (Michael D’Elia)
  2. What Makes A Superhero? (Ryland Shelton)
  3. Dishes To Diamonds (DeLandis McClam)
  4. My Own Song (Michael D’Elia)
  5. My Own Song (Reprise) (Company)
  6. Everybody Hates Leg Day (Company)
  7. Just Right (Joesy DePalo)
  8. When I Becomes We (Michael D’Elia, Giancarlo Garritano)
  9. I’ve Got You (Ryland Shelton, Michael D’Elia)
  10. Step by Step (DeLandis McClam)
  11. Gringo Work Day (Gina Torrecilla)
  12. A Time We Learned What Love Was (Ryland Shelton)
  13. Once More With Feeling (Carol Barbee)
  14. Butterfly (Michael D’Elia)
  15. All That Glitters (Company)
  16. My Own Song – Fanfare (Michael Van     Bodegom-Smith)
  17. Just One Glimpse (Giancarlo Garritano)
  18. A Night That Never Ends (Michael D’Elia, Company)
  19. What Made A Superhero? (Carol Barbee, Ryland Shelton)
  20. Just Right (Reprise) (Michael D’Elia)
  21. Just One Glimpse (Reprise) (Giancarlo Garritano)
  22. Youth Is Wasted On The Young (Ryland Shelton)
  23. Now (Michael D’Elia)
  24. Yours For The Taking (Company)
  25. My Own Song/Butterfly (Reprise) (Michael D’Elia)
  26. Just As I Am (Michael D’Elia, Ryland Shelton)
  27. I Don’t Love You (Ryland Shelton)
  28. A Night That Never Ends (Reprise) (Michael D’Elia, Company)
  29. On The Boulevard (Reprise) (Company)

“On the Boulevard” Artist Biography

On the Boulevard artists

Ken Howard graduated from UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television, and the University of Southern California. However, professionally he is a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. He is also the founder of Ken Howard has been in private practice in psychotherapy and coaching specializing in gay men and gay male couples for over 30 years.  He lives with his husband Michael Ryan in West Hollywood, California.

More Info About Ken Howard

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