Album Review: “Opening Creature” EP by Proud Creature

Todd Brozman, better known by his solo moniker Proud Creature, is releasing his first EP “Opening Creature” this month (on 16 March 2020). Proud Creature beautifully merges multiple genres like jazz, electronica, ambient and psychedelic in this five-track album, as he takes you on a journey of surrealism and otherworldly mystique. If you love listening to experimental ambient like Oneohtrix Point Never, Jon Hopkins and Future Sounds of London, no way should you miss this debut solo album from Proud Creature.

“Opening Creature” Tracklist

  1. Major Trouble 
  2. Discovery of the Future 
  3. The Rookery 
  4. Pines 
  5. Eastern Lines

The lead track “Major Trouble” is a solid combination of jazz and modern chillwave. The improvisational piano playing alongside syncopated beat gives a soothing effect to the track. The next two tracks “Discovery of the Future” and “The Rookery” seem to be of more experimental bent, while the last two “Pines” and “Eastern Lines” have dream pop vibe.

Listen to lead track “Major Trouble” on Soundcloud

About the Artist

Todd Brozman a.k.a. Proud Creature is a multi-instrumentalist with strong roots in piano. He started playing piano at a tender age of 6 and has been into music, especially electronic and jazz, for much of his life. After having produced and created music with some high-profile collaborators, including KYOSi, Moon Casual and Mike Dunkley, he is finally presenting his first solo musical project “Opening Creature” to his fans.

Todd Brozman

The present album “Opening Creature” reflects the personal experience of Brozman gained from travel and spiritual exploration. The album was produced in his own small studio. You will find a lot of improvisation with eclectic instrumentation and layering of various field recordings in the album, which lends a unique spatial dimension to the music.

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