Album Review: “Perspective” by Wembi

After resounding success of his previous releases “Footprints in the Sand” and “Second Chances”, California-based music artist Wembi is back with another full-length album “Perspective” that touches upon a number of genres including pop, soul, ballad, gospel, EDM, R&B, and jazz fusion. Inspired by artists like John Legend, Seal, Dave Matthews Band and Adele, all the 12 tracks in the album are different from each other, offering a little bit of something for everybody. The authentic lyrics, written by Wembi himself, intend to deliver healing and social awareness and are sure to inspire the listeners.

Perspective by Wembi

“Perspective” Track List

  1. Seductive Eyes (feat. James Reily)
  2. Puerto Rico (feat. James Reily)
  3. Birth of a Movement
  4. Hell No! (feat. James Reily)
  5. Ring That Bell (feat. Les Cline)
  6. Upendo
  7. Tanganyika (feat. James Reily & Bryan Stewart)
  8. Reaching out Across the Line (feat. Les Cline)
  9. A Promise (feat. Les Cline)
  10. Hopes and Lies
  11. I See in You
  12. Take My Hand, My Friend (Bonus Track)

The album opens with “Seductive Eyes”, a melodious song that seeks to entertain the audience with light and adoring piece of music. The second track “Puerto Rico” gets more thoughtful, looking at a bigger picture of life. The lyrics bring alive the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and pays tribute to heroes that came forward to help the victims.

The next track “Birth of a Movement” sees a sudden explosion of energy in the form of a refreshing dance beat.

“Hell No” is a catchy track served with a pinch of fun and sarcasm. It’s about when you reach a point in a relationship where you decide to put an end to disrespect and disregard you have been subjected to. Wembi wrote the lyrics a couple of years ago when he was working on his previous album “Second Chances”. The awesome bass guitar rift is played by his friend James Reilly.

“Ring That Bell” delivers an intimate message through a smooth piano piece. The track features actual choir bells, which were added by Les. Wembi wrote this song after having seen his very close friend, who was like a little sister to him, painfully fight with breast cancer. “Upendo” is a soulful song written and partly sung in the African language of Swahili. The word ‘upendo’ means love in Swahili.

“Tanganyika” is an exciting fusion instrumental track, which combines rock and Neo soul. Grooving rhythms and pulsing bass lines are mixed with synth melodies in this amazing electro-pop piece. “Reaching out Across the Line” is an emotional ballad with simple yet effective melody. The wonderful nostalgic sound holds a certain rustic charm, making it an essential listen for all music lovers.

“A Promise” is also a fairly simple yet powerful song. Wembi has been careful enough not to add unnecessary layers and textures to the track, which could have weakened its aesthetics. “Hopes and Lies” is an outstanding melancholy piece. The low-tone vocals make it sound extremely authentic.

“I See in You” officially closes the album, except for the last bonus track. It is more of an uplifting song that infuses the listener with hope and positivity. The chord progression and vocal delivery together create an energizing atmosphere.

The bonus track “Take My Hand, My Friend” finally marks the closure of the album. It’s a delicate track that bares open Wembi’s heart. The underlying honesty in lyrics and delivery helps listeners connect better with him.

Wembi is a deeply soulful singer, songwriter and producer with multicultural sensibility. His music displays high levels of piano, keyboard, and vocal skills cutting across genre lines. The present album “Perspective” pushes the boundaries of his creative range and is a must listen for his new and existing fans.

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