Reading Festival Tips and Guide for First Timers



Each year, the town of Reading becomes the centre of attention, hosting one of the most popular music festivals in the world. Music fans arrive at Reading to enjoy a festival that is completely unique, having a tradition of over thirty years. Throughout time, bands like The Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters, Oasis and Prodigy have taken part in Reading Festival. If this is the first time you’re considering taking part in this amazing festival, then you can certainly benefit from reading this article. It’s filled with helpful tips regarding Reading Festival, so do not hesitate to find out more about it.

Reading Festival has been held on an annual basis, with music enthusiasts coming at the site regardless of the weather. They’ve taken part in concerts held on rainy weather, sweated during extreme temperatures and got dirty in the mud. As experienced pilgrims, they’ve discovered the importance of taking the right set of clothes and other necessary items. You will have to carry two sets of clothing with you, with a particular emphasis on shorts and T-shirts. The truth is that warm clothes are not necessarily needed. There are camp fires that prevent one from being cold and having a top-notch sleeping bag is sometimes more than enough. Plus, you will want to keep your baggage to the lowest possible level. Why? Imagine yourself walking with a really heavy bag, trying to find a good camping spot!

You will need towels. First of all, you need one in case it rains, helping you to dry off. Another towel can be useful when the temperatures tend to rise up; just dip it in cold water and you will be cool in no time. Wet wipes are essential to have, for a wide range of reasons that you are about to discover without any doubt. Take sun scream and don’t hesitate to apply it, or you’ll risk some serious burns and you won’t be in any mood to enjoy the great bands taking part in Reading festival. If you like beer (and who doesn’t?!), take some from home. Prices can get quite high during the few days Reading festival takes place. Other items you might want to have: a hat (for obvious reasons), water (hydration is necessary), sunglasses, glow sticks and a waterproof hoodie in case it rains.

Your tent is another important issue you want to consider when going to Reading festival. The first and most crucial advice is to select a tent that you can easily recognize. If you fail to do that, you can risk opening the wrong tent, again and again. There are some places you might want to avoid when it comes to pitching your tent, such as the hedgerow (you can guess by yourself for what is going to be used) or the path set for walking. The best place to pitch your tent is near a tree and close to the arena where the band are going to play. Don’t forget to make friends, wear tight jeans and look cool!