Single Review: “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” by Johanna Dadap

Filipino pop singer Johanna Dadap conveys an important message about the environmental crisis through her new single “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke”. The thought-provoking lyrics are a warning and plea to the humans to pay heed and act responsibly before it’s too late. The song makes you ponder over the worthlessness of the insurance and material well-being when the forests along with all the birds and animals disappear from the face of the earth and humans are left gasping for their last breath.

Johanna Dadap The World’s Gone Up In Smoke

Johanna’s magical voice makes even such heavy-sounding theme pleasing to the ears and allows you to enjoy the song even without delving deep into its velotherwise serious content. She brings her acoustic guitar skills to the track while the producer Paul ‘Taffy’ White provides additional instrumentation and backing vocals.

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The song features elegant piano for most of the part. The intermittent rhythmic pace of guitar, drum and bass adds an element of vibrancy to the track. Johanna sings passionately in her charming velvety voice serving the listener pure emotions right out of her heart.

“The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” music video

Johanna has also released the official music video for the song. The video starts with a sparrow sitting on a wire. Another sparrow joins it for a second and then both of them fly away. Johanna makes her entry with a guitar in her hand against the backdrop of papaya trees. As the video progresses, she can be seen singing sitting in a field with not-so-dense vegetation.

About Johanna Dadap

Based out of Philippines, Johanna Dadap is an independent singer, songwriter and music composer. She got her first guitar at a very young age. She learned to play piano, cajon, guitar and ukulele all by herself. She started producing music from her home. Her source of inspiration includes music, films and photography.

Johanna Dadap music artist

Johanna mostly works on Acoustic Pop. Her artistic style is a combination of modern and folk music. She also loves doing EDM and hip-hop pieces but hasn’t released any yet. Her inspirations include Jon Bellion, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Blanks and Charlie Puth. She often releases cover songs on her YouTube channel and shares original tracks on popular streaming platforms like Spofity, Deezer, Amazon and iTunes.

Johanna hopes to inspire the listeners with her music. She wants the listeners to experience the same passion with which she creates it.

At the time of this release, Johanna is just 19 years old. It’s extremely heartening to see such young artists passionately trying to bring about a positive change in the world through their work.

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