Album Review: “Ten Percent” by Blue Soul Ten

Come September and Claye Greene a.k.a. Blue Soul Ten will drop his yet another electrifying album “Ten Percent.” This comes after the resounding success of his previous release “The Beautiful Warrior” early last year. Claye Greene is a seasoned songwriter and producer with a sincere devotion for his work, which is clearly evident in his forthcoming CD. “Ten Percent” is a full-length album with 11 energetic tracks that take listeners into the beautiful world of soul, jazz and electronic music, and keep them asking for more.

Ten Percent by Blue Soul Ten

“Ten Percent” Track List

  1. Ten Percent
  2. Give in to me
  3. Make it hot (featuring Surron the Seventh)
  4. Life
  5. Satisfied (featuring Zahira)
  6. 10% Interlude
  7. Real love
  8. Purpose (featuring IV)
  9. These words
  10. Grateful
  11. Blue theme V

The album opens with the title track “Ten Percent,” which for most part seems to be a gentle instrumental track, dominated by melodious piano and sweet saxophone. As the track progresses, electric guitar adds to the mystical vibe.

Following next is the seduction themed song “Give in to me.” Soothing vocals make this rich composition even more special. “Make It Hot” uplifts the mood with toe-tapping rap. The catchy verses and well-balanced male-female vocals are sure to play back in your mind long after you finish hearing the song.

“Life” features impressive bassline and percussion. The honest lyrics develop an instant personal connection with the listener as though the singer is directly talking to you. “Satisfied” again is a sweet and melodious song and you may hardly resist singing along with the female artist. The creativity with which Blue Soul Ten combines reggae with contemporary R&B makes it a memorable track.

“10% Interlude” is a relaxing instrumental intermission of sorts. Brilliant synth sounds and guitar grooves fill the entire environment with calmness and positivity. “Real Love” offers a pleasant surprise in that it’s so much different and distinct from all the previous tracks. This soulful song with a ‘poppy’ touch in fact shows Blue Soul Ten’s real love for music.

“Purpose” is another rap track in the album after “Make It Hot” but unlike the previous one that features male and female voices, this one is a typical male rap. The depth and execution of music sets it apart from the usual stuff you commonly get to hear.

“These Words” is a sweet romantic masterpiece where each note oozes love and emotions. The female vocalist with her enchanting voice has done perfect justice with the music.

As we approach the finish line, the tenth track “Grateful” expresses gratitude toward the invisible omnipresent power. The gifted vocalist takes listeners on a contemplative journey amidst the exotic music of flute and guitar.

The album concludes with a power-packed instrumental track “Blue Theme V.” Highly energetic drum beat topped with fantastic music from sophisticated wind instruments raises spirits and takes listeners into a higher state of energy.

With so much of variation and creativity, Blue Soul Ten has set new boundaries with this album. It shows what Claye Greene is capable of achieving in terms of composition and production.

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