Album Review: “The Life” by Through Infinity

Through Infinity, with their latest album “The Life”, have delivered the best in sound engineering and have been extremely successful in creating an album that reverberates with energy and soulful beauty of contemporary music. It’s a powerful and astonishing concoction of electronic and rock.


Each track in the album actually represents some kind of state of mind and a certain experience that one has gained in life. Therefore, there is a deep emotional and psychological connection in the music that each song brings. Every track remains close to reality, in spite of the music construction being wonderfully buoyant and mesmerizing.

“The Life” Tracklisting

There are 11 songs in the album:

  1. Try to Find the Hope
  2. Sight of an Eagle
  3. Freedom
  4. The Life (title track)
  5. The Life – Diamond’s Rendition
  6. Aural Spectrum
  7. Eliza
  8. Our Feeling
  9. Shine
  10. Godly Energy
  11. Holy Streams

Music Video: Through Infinity – Shine

Throughout every song, what comes bubbling up to the surface is a refreshing, undeniable strain of elegant music. You can clearly feel the sweetness in the performance of piano and flute as well as occasional dominating rhythms of electric guitar.

The album opens with “Try to Find the Hope” which strives to evoke a sense of inspiration within the listener. The percussion that comes across in the track blends well with the compulsive nature of prominent electronic beats. The positive vibe that is created along with other instruments in the background presents to the listener an amazing piece of music that is powerful and melodious.

When the second track, “Sight of an Eagle” begins, there is a certain theatrical flair in the opening notes of the piano. The pace is slow but it is soft and calming to the senses, with a stimulating appeal.

Fragility is seen in “Freedom”, and it is in a way, somewhat eldritch. It possesses weighty synth grooves which gather force and build into a climactic and bursting end.

The title track, “The Life”, is probably the liveliest and invigorating piece in the album. It is soulful and stylish, and it plays with beats of rock which is set off by tunes of other instruments. However, the most emotional piece is Diamond’s Rendition which is simply a piano solo, stripped bare of any background score.

“Aural Spectrum” is a track that stands in contrast to others, mostly because of its extreme notes that are not quite as smooth with heavy bass and constant energy of electric guitar. But “Eliza”, on the other hand, is another tranquil piece that focuses on the soothing strains of jazz, sometimes based upon steady rhythm of drums and soft melody of guitar. “Our Feeling” too is similar but it is fast and lighthearted with foot-tapping melody of bass and fun tempo of guitar.

“Shine” radiates with vigor, and it goes through different terrains of music, sort of experimenting with techniques to deliver a vivacious harmony. When it comes to “Godly Energy”, there is a pronounced hint of mystery and darkness. The passion that stems out from it only grows as the track progresses. The ending track, “Holy Streams”, is calm and quiet, relieving the senses.

Artist Info

Through Infinity is a band of seven members:

  • Josip Pešut on guitar and electronics
  • Tomo Bačurin on keyboards
  • Tomislav Lacković, a diverse bassist
  • Damir Šomen on drums
  • Antony Reynaert, a Belgian guitarist
  • Safiudin Alimoski on kaval and guitar
  • Đulijana Alimoski on flute


All these musicians have brought in their styles to the album. “The Life” is an original, emotional musical phenomenon that tugs at the heartstrings of every music lover with its dauntless spirit and true connection to reality.

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