Single Review: “This Place” by Aman Jagwani

“This Place” is the latest single from drummer-composer-producer Aman Jagwani, released earlier this month. With powerful lyrics and soulful vocals from Anubha Kaul, the song is about finding a better place in life, be it a physical place or a mental, emotional, intellectual or some other place the listener relates to. The entire production and the most part of recording was done at home. As a result, you will find the sound comforting and organic.

This Place-Aman Jagwani

Breezy, uplifting musical arrangements, with slow-burning synths, create a dreamy soundscape. Anubha Kaul’s sultry vocals add to the track’s lushness, while the tenor sax by Nick Bredal beautifully mimics Kaul’s notes and gives the piece a definite sense of jazz.

This Place-Aman Jagwani-Anubha Kaul

The flugelhorn solo by Milena Casado is another highlight of the track. Add to this Ron Cha’s keys that brings the track to life. The unrestrained, ferocious drumming by Aman Jagwani makes this piece clearly stand out from others in this genre. Dishaan Gidwani and Ayan De have done a commendable job respectively at mixing and mastering the track.

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If you are a jazz enthusiast, you will love this song for sure. Electronic music fans will especially like the atmospheric synths and smoky downtempo groove.

About ‘This Place’ Album

“This Place” is the title track of Aman Jagwanni’s second album, going by the same name. The album consists of sophisticated yet relatable music. The album name, “This Place” is a play on the word, ‘displace’, and hints at our inherent power to displace from the existing to the ideal place or state of mind. Each song in the album conveys this idea in its own unique way.

Other tracks in the album include Elastic Slumber, Palm Tree, Rain on my shelter, Glow, Now and Breakthrough. The album is due for release on May 21.

About Aman Jagwani

Aman Pankaj Jagwani is a young 22-year-old drummer-composer-producer from Mumbai, India. He studies drum-set performance and electronic production and design in Berklee College of Music, Boston. He is the recipient of the Berklee Achievement Scholarship in 2018 and the Armand Zildjian Percussion Achievement Scholarship in 2019.

Aman has been collaborating with musicians from several different countries, both in the studio and on stage. He has an extensive portfolio of live performances, both as a bandleader and sideman. Most of his work, including his debut album ‘Essentially Entangled’ is inspired by the sensations we experience in our everyday life. He considers music as a unifying tool and endeavors to harness its power to spread positivity in the society.

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