Album Review: ‘Better Angels’ by Eric H. F. Law

After releasing his debut album Cycle of Blessings in 2015 and second album Up-Side-Down-Town in 2019, author-singer-songwriter H.F. Law is back with his new album Better Angels, which in his own words, is a “spiritual soundtrack for a fear-filled uncertain world”.

Better Angels - Eric H.F. Law

Inspired by the 1960’s and 1970’s music of great artists like Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Daniel Lanois, Better Angels represents Law’s sincere efforts to take forward their legacy of providing meaningful music to the young generation of people that yearn for peace and transformation.

This seven-track folk rock album seeks to address the issues of rising social and political polarization in the country. It sends out a message to let go of our fears and tell the truth instead of succumbing to the issues that tend to divide us.

‘Better Angels’ Tracklist

  1. Don’t Be Afraid
  2. Vicious Circle
  3. Braver Space
  4. Better Angels
  5. Out of the Closet
  6. Bountiful Sky
  7. Fill Me with Your Spirit

The opening song “Don’t Be Afraid” offers a message of hope and courage in these testing times of COVID-19. Interestingly, Law came up with the title phrase Don’t be Afraid when he was diagnosed with cancer. It is the phrase he used to console himself, which later evolved into a song in 2020.

Watch Eric H.F. Law Play “Don’t Be Afraid” on YouTube:

The next song “Vicious Circle” is about realizing how we have been persuaded to accept hatred and other vices as the norm rather than an exception. It inspires the listener to step out of this vicious circle, and start living a life full of truth and kindness.

Following next is “Braver Space”, which underscores the need to forget our differences and support each other during this pandemic. The title of this track is inspired by the work of Braver Angels, an organization working toward uniting red and blue Americans in an effort to depolarize the country.

The title track “Better Angels” is dedicated to frontline heroes, who have been offering care and courage to others during this time of uncertainty. The title is inspired by the phrase better angels of our nature used by Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address.

“Out of the Closet” talks about how we should come out of the closet we are trapped in, in order to realize our full potential, while “Bountiful Sky” describes the situation when we get surrounded all around with negative and destructive things. Keeping our eyes clean, ears quiet, mind serene and breathing in the generous air, while working under the bountiful sky that we all share can be a good way to deal with such a situation is the message of this song.

The album closes with “Fill Me with Your Spirit”, inspiring the listener to make the most of this forced solitude and social distancing. Listen to the chirping of the birds and whispering of the trees to the wind… Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the gentleness of the wind playfully touching your hair, suggests the song, filling the listener with hope and optimism.

Eric H.F. Law playing guitar

Law started writing song at a small age of 14. He is the founder of the Kaleidoscope Institute for Diverse and Sustainable Communities and has authored 12 books until now. The release of his previous two albums coincided with the publication of his books Holy Currency Exchange and Fear Not: Living Grace and Truth in a Frightened World in 2015 and 2019 respectively. The present album Better Angels sends out a powerful message to give a united fight against COVID-19 as well as various vested interests trying to create differences between us.

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