EP Review: “Versal” by Javier Velez, a.k.a. Versal

Houston-based musician-producer Javier Velez, a.k.a. Versal started learning music at an early age of six and mastered several instruments by the time he turned into a teen. He always wanted to compose a music album but due to his professional commitment and collaboration with other artists, he hardly found enough time to put together an album. After having been passionately involved in music for about 50 years, Javier has finally culminated his lifetime of experience into a self-titled debut album “Versal.”

Versal Album by Javier Velez

This new age, contemporary instrumental album is highly inspired by top class artists like Enya, Yanni, Vangelis, David Lance, and Dave Arkenstone. It blends together romance, dreaminess, and grandiosity into six beautiful tracks.

 “Versal” Track List

  1. Eternal
  2. Flamenco en Culebra
  3. Dawn
  4. Carrousel
  5. All Together
  6. El Camino a Montserrat

The opening track “Eternal” feels like a sweet melody from your favorite classic film. It features ethereal piano motif cushioned by soft airy synth chords. The second track “Flamenco en Culebra” begins with a slow flute and guitar and evolves into a spirited waltz.

True to its title, “Dawn” recreates a refreshing early morning environment with flutes sounding like fluttering of birds, and chimes and percussion imitating the sounds of various wood creatures. The next track “Carrousel” emphasizes on happiness with brilliant staccato strings, gentle percussion, and warpy synths.

“All Together” is a highly energetic track with powerful brass and sweeping string arpeggios. “El Camino a Montserrat” closes the album on a dark, somber note. Intense modulations ramp up the drama with a hint of strife, tragedy, or perhaps an element of suspense.

Javier’s “Versal” is not an average debut release. Each piece is crafted with perfection and brims with talent and creativity.

Stream the album on Spotify here

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