Never Understood: SuriLee’s Song from “Wild Lily” Touches Hearts


Ever since its release in October this year, SuriLee’s debut album “Wild Lily” has been receiving rave reviews. The album features 7 tracks, each one with its own originality and uniqueness. SuriLee a.k.a. Samhita has made sure to jam pack her album with passion and spirit that echoes through every song. The number, Never Understood, stands out with its soft, fine-tuned vocals perfectly in sync with the video.

Never Understood is a song about loss and the realization that comes as a result of it, and therefore it has a melancholy strain, which is perfectly portrayed through SuriLee’s vocals. The deep and steady note, accompanied by an almost haunting background score, beautifully creates the vibes of a sad and somewhat desperate situation, where one is trying to come to terms of losing a lover and trying to find some reasons in it.

The tranquil and poignant grief comes alive with SuriLee’s magical rendering and the accompanying music, which is a modern twist to eastern familiarity. The official music video of the song elevates the gloom even further through artistic visuals and serene locations. The entire video is in monochrome and creates an emotional vortex with the song, which is already vivid and yet viciously woebegone.

The lyrics of Never Understood, like most of the other songs in “Wild Lily”, are simple, and it is this simplicity that gives the much needed special effect to the songs. They are quite straight forward and state the truth in black and white, which works really well for this song. Given the theme that Never Understood represents, the lyrics work wonders, and along with the minimalistic music, make the entire song a masterpiece on its own.

Other than Never Understood, “Wild Lily” also has songs like SuriLee, Don’t Know, Sometime, Unspoken Entity, Stupid, and World in Unrest. All these songs have a unique construction but then again share some common ground too. SuriLee has a foot-tapping Bollywood beat to it that will make you want to dance to it immediately, while Don’t Know has a darker, sexier yet subtle hint to it.

Sometimes has a retro vibe with an echoing groove which is definitely present in World in Unrest too but this time with some more harsh music. Stupid on the other hand is a fun song with lots of changing beats and a bit silly lyrics that give it a charm of its own.

All these songs, just like Never Understood, are sung in SuriLee’s powerful tone. They play around with details of Indian music and bits of electronic strains as well, creating an interesting sonic concoction.

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