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GIG REVIEW: Funeral for a Friend

Rock City 28 October 2008 It’s a freezing cold, slightly frosty Tuesday night outside, but inside none of that matters. Welsh trio, Incase Of Fire have just finished their set, to no major disappointment, and Nottingham is about to get the full Cancer Bats ...Read More


Hexes supporting The Bronx Daniel P Carter probably has the best job in the world; not only does he get to play Heavy Metal on the radio, go to loads of gigs and generally banter about music to people that actually want to listen, ...Read More

LIVE REVIEW: Motown Revue, Pigalle Club

Motown Review Pigalle Club 16th October 2008 How many times have you descended on the bright lights of London’s West End and left somewhat unfulfilled at both the experience and the value-for-money? Well next time you venture out; try the smooth grooves and fundamental ...Read More

EVENT REVIEW: Underground Rebel Bingo

Underground Rebel Bingo The Mission Room Friday 24 October 2008 Going to Underground Rebel Bingo was a little bit like going to a church fundraiser in the local village hall, except with lots of professional twenty and thirty somethings and jokes about your grandmother’s ...Read More

EVENT REVIEW: Last Night On Earth

Last Night on Earth Party 93 Feet East, London 11th October 2008 If this really was the last party you went to before the world ended, you may have felt a bit cheated with the execution. As one of several parties in London celebrating ...Read More

ALBUM REVIEW: Squarepusher

Squarepusher Just a Souvenir Release date: 27th October 2008 Although not the commercial attraction of Aphex Twin or Daft Punk the influence of Squarepusher’s unique cut-up beats has had an impact at the more illustrious end of the market with Radiohead and Andre 3000, ...Read More

GIG REVIEW: Trash Fashion

The Barfly, Camden October 2008 ‘Thrash fashion’ is indeed the best summation for the raucous, wild and devilishly fun performance displayed by Trash Fashion at the Barfly in Camden. They are undoubtedly one of the most energetically cool bands playing at the moment. With ...Read More

ALBUM REVIEW: Sportsday Megaphone

Sportsday Megaphone So Many Colours / So Little Time Laptop pop. The new prog. I own more than a few synths so I know that stuff like this is ludicrously easy to make. Perhaps only as easy as strapping on a guitar and plugging ...Read More


Pink So What In what is apparently an autobiographical rant Pink attempts to shake off her marital difficulties by declaring that she’s a rock star so she’ll be fine. David Lee Roth coined the term “in the Lear jet without you baby” to describe ...Read More

SINGLE REVIEW: Sheena – One Man Woman

Sheena One Man Woman To my untutored ears this sounds very dated. Perhaps we’re coming full circle and this is the cutting edge of modern R&B. While it’s made everyone sound exactly the same, R&B in the Noughties has at least done some very ...Read More

GIG REVIEW: Jonathan Davis

The Union Chapel, Islington, promised that Jonathan Davis’ solo show would be ‘something completely different’ from his recent tour with angst ridden rock band KORN. As gothic hordes swarmed to the restored Victorian church to pay homage to their kilt wearing, nu-metal leader, I ...Read More

GIG REVIEW: Pivot at Barden’s Boudoir

Pivot Barden’s Boudoir Pivot played the small grotty confines of Barden’s last night. It’s the kind of venue that can handle the brand of experimentalism. The night would have flowed better if their set was longer, allowing the tracks to be drawn out for ...Read More