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Single Review: Only U by JDR

Australia’s pop-dance twosome JDR have given all of Australia and the world another amazing single to get excited for. Imagine a party, packed with fun, amusing people, and crazy things on the beach; yes, that’s the type of vibe JDR’s new single “Only U” ...Read More

Single Review: Black Mass by Collegians

It took a bit of time, but Collegians are back with a bang! The Australian band recently released their new single, “Black Mass”, which has delighted fans across the world. Not all songs fit comfortably into a specific genre, and “Black Mass” is one ...Read More

Album Review: Ma De Re Sha by Rahul Mukerji

There have been many Indo fusion albums in the past but Ma De Re Sha, the debut album from Rahul Mukerji, seems to have exceeded all expectations. It provides a soothing blend of the ambient Indian classical, with touches of jazz, rock, Middle Eastern ...Read More

Album Review: Fairy by TobiasBlue

Music is a way to exchange thoughts, feelings and passion between the singer, songwriter and the audience. And when the singer also happens to be the songwriter, this exchange happens even more smoothly and effectively. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Fairy ...Read More

CD Review: Shrek Is Love, Vol 1: This Is My Swamp

Known for their buttery vocals and smooth presentation, Shrek is Love is a four-piece, R&B band, with members hailing from Los Angeles and New York. The band members, Michael Mayo (vocalist), Jacob Mann (pianist), Nick Campbell (bassist), and Christian Euman (drummer) came together in ...Read More