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Album Review: “Thunder” by Rick Lee James

A good song is like the soundtrack to a specific moment or season in your life, the instrumentation evokes emotion, the lyrics touch your soul, and it all transforms you into a feeling that you always seem to remember. A sound that never leaves ...Read More

FJB Band “High as a Kite”

Just 3 guys who love music in a town where nothing much happens. That’s FJB Band for you, comprising of music artists Fred Bridgens, Jimmy Sengwaketse, and Ron Van Wyk. Formed in 2016, the band released a self titled album in January 2017 and just completed ...Read More

Single Review: “Fall Girl” by Geoff Gibbons

Orchestrated soundtracks by rare gems we call artist can easily change the climate of an otherwise ambient music scene. Vancouver folk rock artist, Geoff Gibbons, is that gem we have been searching for. “Fall Girl,” is a striking soundscape of unusual colloquialisms, colorful musings, ...Read More

Single Review: “I’ll Be Loving You” by Lucinda Belle

In the industry known as, “music,” there are background singers and there are singers that demand your attention. They demand you sit up and listen because not only are they lyrically clever, but their voice draws you in seductively over supercharged instrumentation creating an ...Read More

Album Review: “Mah-Ze-Tar”

The self-titled debut album from multi-instrumentalist solo artist Mah-Ze-Tar is slated for release on October 19 this year. A stunning fusion of traditional eastern music and modern electronic composition, the album features 9 tracks that will take you through the sensuous blend of musical ...Read More

Album Review: “Alive” by Monique Angele

Singer-songwriter Monique Angele released her six-track album “Alive” last month. A unique combination of classical elegance and foot-tapping pop, the album touches upon a wide variety of topics ranging from love, bliss, and romance to depression, broken heart, and political change. Each song exudes ...Read More

Album Review: “Isolated Thunderstorms” by Jared Weiss

Released on May 21, 2018, “Isolated Thunderstorms” portrays the bold showmanship of Jared Weiss with his beautiful style of personalized storytelling and soulful lyrics. All the songs in this Rock and Roll album are unchained and orchestrated out of Jared Weiss’ theatrical experience. “Isolated ...Read More

EP Review: “Watercolor Lies” by EE Beyond

In a political and social climate that instigates varying, majorly negative sentiments at a daily rate, finding a mode to articulate simultaneous anger, disappointment, and consequential gratitude for existing comforts is a formidable feat. Enter EE Beyond, the Los Angeles-based soul and R&B singer/songwriter ...Read More

Album Review: “Avenue B” by The Goldwyn Experiment

Slated for release November this year, “Avenue B” is all set to captivate the listeners with thrilling music and marvelous lyrics written by Goldwyn Thandrayen. Although entitled “Avenue B”, the place in New York where Goldwyn lived, the album covers his life experience, right ...Read More