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EP Review: “Sueños de Luna y Mar” by DDLO

Latin Jazz phenomenon DDLO recently released their four track EP, “Sueños de Luna y Mar” on August 15th, 2018. This extremely emotive and passionate album is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. “Sueños de Luna y Mar” Tracklisting El Mundo Fosforescente El Día que ...Read More

Album Review: “Homemade” by Boy Pierce

Boy Pierce has spent the last year entertaining the internet with his witty, pop culture-centric “Ultimate Tribute” rap music videos. With nostalgic subjects ranging from Christmas classic Home Alone to sitcom mainstay Seinfeld, Pierce performs the well-received tributes live from his New York City ...Read More

Single Review: “Ride Or Die” by BEEA

BEEA’s sultry soulful style feels so fresh on the powerful “Ride Or Die”. Vocals serve as the very heart and center of it all. With a timeless sort of classic rock and funk, the whole piece has a living breathing quality to it. Defiance ...Read More

Album Review: “Meant 2 Be” by Happy Curmudgeons

Ever since its release in December last year, “Meant 2 Be”, the debut album from Happy Curmudgeons, has been earning wide acclaim from music lovers all over. The album exhibits a different form of their imagination from the beginning and the palate of two ...Read More

Album Review: “Ello V Easy” by Tyler Gahn

“Ello V Easy” creates a summery, sunlit sort of atmosphere, one that proves Tyler Gahn to be a storyteller with a real sense of poetry. Over the course of the album, Tyler Gahn draws from a wide variety of styles, from country to pop ...Read More

EP Review: “Cutie EP” by Ndrew LG

Much to the excitement of his fans all over the world, Ndrew LG, the super-talented young music producer from Regensburg, Germany, recently dropped his emotional EDM EP, “Cutie EP”. The digital album released on May 23, 2018 basically emphasizes on rhythm and heavy metal ...Read More

EP Review: “Don’t Play” by SRVSH

There are many new musicians trying their hand at creating fusion of different styles. However, what really matters is how original they manage to keep it to the parent genres. SRVSH is one such talented young musician who recently released his EP named “Don’t ...Read More

Album Review: “The Life” by Through Infinity

Through Infinity, with their latest album “The Life”, have delivered the best in sound engineering and have been extremely successful in creating an album that reverberates with energy and soulful beauty of contemporary music. It’s a powerful and astonishing concoction of electronic and rock. ...Read More