Album Review: “Alive” by Monique Angele

Singer-songwriter Monique Angele released her six-track album “Alive” last month. A unique combination of classical elegance and foot-tapping pop, the album touches upon a wide variety of topics ranging from love, bliss, and romance to depression, broken heart, and political change. Each song exudes raw emotions and passions of being alive and inspires to express oneself without any fear. Monique’s angelic voice, songwriting skills, and piano talent make the album aesthetically gratifying.


“Alive” Tracklisting

  1. Pink Coloured Sky
  2. Our Paradise
  3. Forever Strong
  4. Rare Girl
  5. Hold On
  6. I Want a World

Official Music Video: I Want a World:

The album opens with “Pink Coloured Sky,” which is an emotive pop number with classical vibes. Emotions intensify as Angele’s breathtaking vocals soar high with passion. The second track, “Our Paradise” has gospel-like hints fused over pop melody. Angele pours her heart out using the piano, as drummer Shawn Burgess provides the tunes with interesting snare, giving the song a bright dynamism.

“Forever Strong” is an obligatory ballad about perseverance. Angele’s smooth and balanced voice takes the music to another level, while delicate piano notes give it an illuminated depth. “Rare Girl” presents a poignant fusion of beguiling feelings swirling with urgent resonance.

“Hold On” begins with a soft tune and attains a spontaneous momentum as Angele’s silky voice rides atop a delightful piano. The sweet melody and rich vocals stay with you for days to come. “I Want a World” features inviting lyrics with a beautiful mix of drums, violin, and electric guitar. Angele’s entrancing voice is magnified by lustrous harmonies. It inspires the listener to give up hate and negativity and spread love and peace in the world.

Artist Info

monique-angele-musician“Alive” is mastered by Joe Carra and produced and engineered by Sean O’Sullivan. All songs are written and sung by Monique Angele, who has also played the piano herself. With Shawn Burgess at drums and Sarah Busuttil at violin, Sean O’Sullivan has taken charge of guitar, bass, and other instruments.

Monique Angele is an emerging Canadian artist currently residing in Australia. She is gifted with amazing voice and exceptional piano skills. Inspired by Kate Bush, Muse, and Evanescence, her music is best described as fusion of pop and classical. Her latest release, “Alive” is created with a desire to push the boundaries in songwriting, content, and production.

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