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EP Review: “Versal” by Javier Velez, a.k.a. Versal

Houston-based musician-producer Javier Velez, a.k.a. Versal started learning music at an early age of six and mastered several instruments by the time he turned into a teen. He always wanted to compose a music album but due to his professional commitment and collaboration with ...Read More

EP Review: “Scars & Wounds” by Andy the Crocodile

After seven long years in the making, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from India, Andy The Crocodile, is finally releasing his debut EP “Scars & Wounds” on June 8. Written and produced by Andy, this progressive pop EP artfully combines indie folk, 40’s jazz and 70’s ...Read More

Single Review: “Don’t Mean Broken” by Michael Bruner

Michael Bruner, the smooth-voiced singer-songwriter from Bloomington, Indiana, just dropped his debut single “Don’t Mean Broken.” The record, complete with a beautiful music video, created a lot of buzz, with music lovers drawing comparisons with the likes of Jordan Rakei, Dave Matthews, and Jack ...Read More

EP Review: “Elise” by Damon Mitchell

Singer-songwriter-guitarist from Indiana, Damon Mitchell, just released his debut EP entitled “Elise” this month. The six-track album brings to you an interesting mix of 70’s pop rock skillfully created to appeal to the contemporary taste. Despite drawing huge inspiration from the likes of The ...Read More

Album Review: “The Currency of Love” by Chase

After successful release of his single “Chase LP” in March 2018, Chase, a young and happening Hip-Hop artist from Denver, Colorado is launching his new album “The Currency of Love” on Feb. 14th, 2019. The second track of this Hip-Hop blast “Miserable” was released ...Read More

Album Review: “Thunder” by Rick Lee James

A good song is like the soundtrack to a specific moment or season in your life, the instrumentation evokes emotion, the lyrics touch your soul, and it all transforms you into a feeling that you always seem to remember. A sound that never leaves ...Read More